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Feeding and Medications - Tasks

This support article will walk you through the Feeding and Medications feature, including how to create new Task Types and Task Times and how to add New Tasks for specific pets. Tasks are specific to pets, but one pet can have multiple tasks added. Each task has a Task Type and a Task Time (when this task should be done), as well as instructions for that task.

Multiple Task Types and Task Times can be added to a single Task (e.g. Rusty requires to be fed and medicated at the same time, one in the AM and once in the PM). In this example, the Task for a single pet, Rusty, has two Task Types: Feeding and Medication, and two Task Times: AM and PM. If you'd like to watch a video on feeding and medication, please click here.


Adding New Task Types or Task Times

  1. Go to the Feeding and Medication screen by clicking on the Feeding and Medication option on the sidebar.

  2. To add a new Task Type or Task Time, click on the Edit Types & Times button in the top right corner.

    1. To add a new Task Type click on the + New Task Type button on the left.

      1. Give the Task Type a Name and select the Appointment Types that this Task should apply to.

      2. Select a Color for the Task icon by clicking in the field and selecting a color from the color wheel.

      3. Hit Save.

    2. To add a new Task Time, click on the + New Task Time button on the right.

      1. Give the Task Time a Name.

      2. Select a specific Time for this Task Time. If the Pet’s appointment for that day includes the time specified for this Task, it enables the checkbox to be checked. If their appointment falls outside of this time, the checkbox will be greyed out and cannot be checked.

      3. Hit Save.


Adding a New Task

  1. There are four places where a New Task can be added for a pet.

    1. From the Feeding and Medication screen by clicking on the Feeding and Medication option on the sidebar.From the Pet’s Profile, within the Tasks section.

    2. In the Appointment creation window, in the Tasks section at the bottom.From the Dashboard, click on the Details button to display the Appointment window, then scroll down to the Tasks section.

  2. To add a New Task click on the + New Task button.​
  3. If you are adding a new task from the Feeding and Medication screen you will have to select a Pet, otherwise, select any applicable Task Types and the desired Task Times from the drop down menus.
  4. Add Instructions for the employee to follow.
    1. The Instructions field allows you to clarify the specific type of food or dosage of medication that the pet requires during the selected Task Times.

    2. Instructions are not required and can be left blank if the task is self explanatory (e.g. talking the dog for a Walk).

  5. Hit Save to add this New Task to the selected pet and any of its appointments for which the Task Type is applicable.

Using the Feeding & Medication Screen as an Employee

The Feeding and Medications screen will only show Tasks for pets that are on an existing appointment for the date selected. By default it will show today’s date. To change the date, click on the button with the calendar icon and date then select a new date from the calendar, or click on the < or >  buttons next to the date to navigate one day back or one day forward.

All Task Types and Task Times will display by default. To filter by specific Types and Times, simply click on each of the desired Types and Times buttons displayed directly below the date.

When a pet’s task has been completed by an employee, they can come to this screen and check off the appropriate box below the Task Time. This allows every employee using the software to see that the task has already been completed for that pet and that it no longer needs to be done for that time or day.

Ultimately, the Feeding and Medications feature is a way for you and your employees to keep track of any tasks assigned to pets that are in your care, and have an appointment on that day.


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