For our customers using CardConnect for credit card processing, CardConnect is currently experiencing issues with processing payments. They are aware of the issue and are working to rectify the problem. For up to date information on the outage, you can go to Status.CardConnect.com

On Wednesday July 24th our offices will be closed from 10AM to 5PM EST for a team building event. Our normal business hours will resume at 5pm Wednesday. Thank you for your understanding.

As part of our continuing effort to improve the functionality of our payroll feature, payroll will be unavailable on Friday, March 15th between 5am - 8am EST. We apologize for any inconvenience this work may cause.

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Payments and Checkout

These instructions will walk you through taking Payment for a customer’s past, present, or future Appointment(s). The customer’s Checkout screen with a list of their Appointments can be accessed from the Dashboard, or from the Customer’s profile. To watch a video on payments and checkout, please click here.


The Checkout screen will display a the customer’s list of all unpaid or partially paid Appointments.

  1. If you are on the Dashboard, click on Pay next to the appointment. If you are on the Customer’s profile click on Pay in the top right corner.​
  2. To pay for a specific appointment, check the box on the left side of that appointment, then click on Make a Payment in the top right corner.
  3. In the new Submit Payment window, select between Full Amount or Partial Amount in the Payment Amount drop down menu.
    1. Selecting Partial Amount will display a new Payment Amount field, where you can enter in the specific partial payment amount for this appointment.

  4. Select a Payment Type from the drop down menu. There are four Payment Type options: Credit/Debit Card, Cash, Check, and Discount.

    1. Selecting Credit/Debit Card will display a Reference Number field for you to enter in the reference number after processing their card. This field is not required to finalize the payment.Selecting Check will display a Check Number field for you to enter in the check number that was used for this payment.

    2. Selecting Discount will display a Discount Type drop down menu with three options: Discount, Coupon, and Gift Certificate.

  5. Once the appropriate Payment Amount and Type have been selected you can click on the Payment Date to change the date if you are retroactively entering this payment. Otherwise, the Payment Date defaults to today’s date and does not need to be changed.​
  6. If the Customer is leaving a Tip click on the Tips button in the bottom right.
  7. This will display the Employee Tips screen where you can add tips amounts for specific employees.
  8. Select an Employee from the Add Employee drop down menu and enter in the tip amount in the new field.
  9. You can add multiple employee tips to the same Appointment.
  10. After adding the employee tips click Save to add the Total Tip Amount displayed to the Payment Amount on the Submit Payment window.
  11. Once all payment info has been entered, click on Finalize Payment in the bottom right to add the payment information to that Appointment.
  12. If the Full Amount was paid, you will be see a “Payment completed successfully” message displayed, with four options: View Order, Go to Customer, Go to Dashboard, Go to Appointments.
    1. Click on View Order to go to the View Order screen, where the order with Payment information can be Printed by hitting the Print option in the top right.

  13. If a Partial Amount was paid, the Submit Payment window will refresh, displaying the new amount owed, after adding the Partial payment amount to the Order. You can now add an additional partial payment, pay the full amount remaining, or hit Cancel to close out of that window, effectively taking a Deposit.

    1. Hitting Cancel does not remove any previous partial payments made towards that appointment. Hit Save on the Checkout screen after taking a partial payment to save the payment information on the Order.

    2. Hit Print to print the current Order and Payment information.

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