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Adding New Runs, Slots, & Classes

These instructions will assist you will the setup of new Runs, Group Slot, or Classes within your software. Runs, Slots, and Classes are used for the Daycare, Kenneling, and Training facilities available at your business, and the associated pricing. Based on the options that you select when creating a new Run, Slot, or Class, new fields will appear that enable you to further customize its settings. There are 3 Required fields for the creation of any Run, Slot, or Class: Category Name, Number of pets allowed per customer, and the total number of slots or runs available for the particular category. If you'd like to watch a video on creating a run, please click here.

  1. Go to the Setup drop down menu and select Runs, Slots, & Classes.

  2. Click the  + New Runs or Runless Slots button in the top right.

  3. Select the Style of Run or Slot that you would like to use for this particular Run/Slot/Class.

    1. Select Physical Runs when using specific physical kennels that pets will be assigned to.

    2. Select Free Range for free range style kenneling or daycare. The Free Range style is also ideal for Training Classes.

  4. Enter a Category Name for these Runs, Slots, or Classes.

  5. Enter the maximum number of pets allowed per customer. This will restrict the number of pets a single customer can add to a single kennel.

    1. This setting allows you to set a discount based on the number of pets that a single customer adds to the kennel or class. Additional price fields are automatically added to the service pricing windows on the right side based on the number of pets entered.

  6. If you would like to allow your customers to book this category through the Online Booking Portal, check the corresponding box. If you do not want them to book this category online, simply leave it unchecked.

  7. Select any Service Types that this Run, Slot, or Class should be associated with for services and scheduling. Each service type that you check will add a pricing window to the right side for that specific service type.

  8. For each service type Pricing field, enter the Total Price based on the specified number of pets.

    • Each pricing window has two additional options - Open ended price or Add Short Term Pricing

    • Checking the open ended price option will remove all price fields for that service type, allowing you to enter any price when this run or slot is booked.

    • Checking the Add Short Term Pricing option will display new fields to enter a number of hours and specific short term pricing for that service, if it is booked for less than the specified number of hours.

  9. The last window will be titled either Physical Kennel Settings or Free Range Settings based on the Style selected. Enter the number of physical kennels or free range slots available for this category.

  10. Finally you have the option to add Labels before or after the kennel or slot number. This changes the display name on the calendar and appointment information.

Instead of adding a blank space before or after the numbers, we recommend using the underscore or dash character ( _ , - ) to create separation between the number and the labels.

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