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Sending a Marketing Campaign

Choose the Marketing button at the top of your software. This screen will display all your Marketing campaigns. If you need to filter your campaign list, you can do so with the Date Range and Status drop-down. You can also start and send a new campaign or manage your e-mail templates. This article will help you create and send a campaign.
  1. Click the Create New E-mail Campaign button. The Add Marketing Campaign window will appear.
  2. Name the campaign in the E-mail Campaign Name field. This name is for your internal reference only and does not reflect the e-mail subject line that your clients will see.
  3. Choose who should receive the campaign. Use the All Current Clients button to choose every active client in your software who has an e-mail address. Use the Target Specific Clients or Use Specific Pets button if you'd like to filter your clients based on more specific criteria. Filter options allow you to sort and Send E-mail to Clients That...
    1. does not have any appointments scheduled in the future
    2. had their last visit less than |__| days ago
    3. had their last visit more than |__| days ago
    4. had their first visit less than |__| days ago
    5. had their last visit more than |__| days ago
    6. has a birthday within the next |__| days
    7. had their last appointment with |_Select Employee_|
    8. has an appointment scheduled within the next |__| days
  4. Multiple filters can be selected, but each item you select will further target (limit) your clients results. Click Apply Selected Filter(s) when finished.
  5. Assuming that you have not created any marketing templates yet, choose the Create New Template button to add a new one. You have two options to choose here:
    1. New Blank Template: opens a text editor window with a blank template that can be fully customized. Editing options include:
      1. Font color: change font color based on hexadecimal colors
      2. Bold: make chosen font bold
      3. Italic: make chosen font italic
      4. Underline: underline chosen font
      5. Left align: aligns text on the left
      6. Center align: aligns text in the center
      7. Right alight: aligns text on the right
      8. Bullets: insert an unordered list
      9. Numbers: insert an ordered list
      10. Indent: add coded indent
      11. Hyperlink: insert a URL link, change the displayed text, and add a hover over ToolTip
      12. Image: insert an image from your computer
      13. HTML view: edit the template in HTML source view
      14. Table: insert a table
      15. Font size: change font size
      16. Insert custom placeholder: pulls items from the database to individualize each client's message. Selections include:
        • Client First Name
        • Client Last Name
        • Client Number
        • Pet Name
        • Pet Breed
        • Client Address
        • Client City
        • Client State
        • Client Postal Code
        • Unsubscribe: required to be present in template
        • Delivered By Address​: required to be present in template
        • Company Name
        • Company Mailing Address Line​: required to be present in template
        • Company Phone
        • Company E-mail
    2. Choose from Professional Design Library: choose one of the pre-made templates built into the software. Double-click or highlight and choose Use Design button to open any template in the editor. All of the same editing options from above are available to help you customize professional templates.
  6. Choose Save Template when finished editing.
  7. If you're ready to send the campaign now, click the Start Campaign button and confirm that you'd like to send with the Start button.
  8. If you're not ready to send or would like to edit again at a later time, choose the Save as Draft button and return to the Marketing screen to finish up and initiate the campaign when you're ready.

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