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Converting a Database from Desktop to Cloud

These instructions will aid you if you have just converted from 123Pet desktop edition to 123Pet Cloud. There are several data types in your desktop software that can be quickly and easily ported to your new Cloud database, eliminating a lot of manual data entry in just a few quick and easy steps!

Exporting Data From Your Desktop Software
The data types that can be added to your Cloud database are:
  • Clients
  • Client Notes
  • Pets
  • Products
  • Services
  • Employees
To begin, you will have to export these five tables to text documents that can be read and imported by the Cloud software.
  1. In your desktop software, click the Tools pull-down menu.
  2. Choose Export to Text File.
  3. Click the checkbox for each type you wish to export and click Export. Note that both Clients and Client Notes are exported with the Clients table here.
  4. Choose a location to save your files. Make sure you choose a destination you will be able to find later.
  5. Once your files are saved, close the software.
Importing Data To Your Cloud Database
Since your database tables were exported directly from 123Pet, there is no further modification needed to import these files to your new Cloud Database. If you have large lists of information to import, it may take a few minutes.
  1. Open a web browser and log into your Cloud account.
  2. Click the Options button at the top.
  3. Choose the Support option on the left and then Import My Data.
  4. Click the badge icon for the data type you would like to import first. Remember, you will choose the Clients file for importing both Clients and Clients Notes.
  5. Select the file you saved from 123Pet for the corresponding data type earlier.
  6. Click the Continue Importing button and wait for the process to finish.
  7. Click OK when the import is done and proceed to the next data type badge icon until finished.

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